Pawning Off Pieces of My Heart

My birthday countdown is on (and has been for some time, truth be told), and it gets harder each year to do something that will top the previous year’s celebrations. Amidst the vacations, spa days, and luncheons I had last year, I hosted a Levi Weaver listening party to share the first single from his year-long subscription-based album, The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel. The song (“We’re Tornadoes When We Dance”) was well-received and my friends who were there got to hear Levi play the song live when he stopped through Lynchburg on tour last fall.

Since then, Levi has been steadily working on the album, releasing it one song at a time to album subscribers – of which I was happy to be one of the first! Eleven months later, my iPod holds 11 new songs, 11 live versions of old songs, and 11 videos from that live show. There are two more months of songs yet to come, and all of this comes with a $10 subscription over at

In case you’re wondering what all of this has to do with my birthday, I am getting around to that. I try to fill my birthday with all of my favorite things, and there are few things I love more than music. And on the list of music that I love, the top spot goes to Levi Weaver. After a long dry spell, he is the artist who made me fall in love with music again, and five years later, his lyrics still slay me and his ability to craft a song amazes me. On top of all of this, he’s a great friend and an inspiring human being.

I approached Levi about buying some extra subscriptions to his album for the purpose of giving them away for my birthday. I wanted to buy five and see if he’d match me, allowing me to give away ten subscriptions. He exceeded my expectations (though I shouldn’t be surprised by that anymore) and offered to give me all ten for free!

So, here’s the deal. In celebration of my birthday, I am hosting a contest to give away 10 free subscriptions to Levi Weaver’s “The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel,” which also includes the songs and videos from his project, “Live at The Prophet Bar.”

Entering is easy:

1. Head over to, where you can listen to all the tracks from Levi’s first EP, “Civil War Between My Heart and Mind,” the full-length “You Are Never Close to Home, You Are Never Far From Home,” and even six tracks from “The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel.”

2. Choose a song that connects with you. (If you have a soul, this will not be a problem.)

3. Proceed to and register to post. (Registration requires only a username and email address. You will get an email confirming your registration and providing your password, and that is the only email you will ever receive unless you sign up for the mailing list separately.)

4. Find the thread called “Amanda’s Birthday Giveaway” and post the song (or songs!) you chose and give the reason why you like that song. It doesn’t matter if you love the chord progression or one of the instruments or one line of the song, or if listening to that song radically changed your life. Just share what it is that you like about the song.

5. Do all of this by Sunday, August 15th.

To remain impartial, I am going to let the other established forum members (who are already subscribed) vote privately on their favorite entries. Each vote will equal one entry, and on Tuesday, August 17th (that’s my birthday, folks), I will draw names and announce the ten winners on the forum and on this blog. I will also give three bonus entries to the first person to identify the Levi Weaver song that contains the phrase: “pawning off pieces of my heart.”

The ten winners will have their choice of either:

1. A code to get the $10 subscription for free.

2. A code for $10.00 off any subscription level above $10, or 10% off levels of $250 or more. (You can check out the perks of each level at

Any winners who use the $10.00 off to subscribe at a level of $25 or higher will be entered into another drawing to have all of your physical CDs signed, as well as an autographed poster (from the “Civil War Between My Heart and Mind” era), and Levi will send you a postcard from the road while he is on tour.

I decided to do this for my birthday because I love sharing music, and introducing people to new music they haven’t heard before, but it is also very important to me that Levi continues to make music. He doesn’t have a major label (or even a minor label), he’s not independently wealthy, and he has a wife and a son to support. The music industry is not an easy field, and he doesn’t get a steady paycheck every other Friday, so his ability to keep making music depends upon the support of his fans. It would mean the world to me if you would use this opportunity to support Levi and his music. I cannot think of a better birthday gift.