Blog Downtime

Hey folks! Sorry that all the pictures went missing. I know you’re not here to read my ramblings — you want to look at the photos!

Unfortunately, without any word whatsoever, Photobucket decided to ditch third-party hosting for its users (hence those hideous placeholders you see all over my blog — a website that hosts photos, and that’s the best they could do?!), wrecking websites all over Ye Olde Internet.

The kicker is that they knew this would put users over a barrel, so they’re using this opportunity to attempt to extort $400 PER YEAR from users who don’t have a thousand hours of man time to devote to fixing these links. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS because they’re evil AND insane.

I am not about to let the terrorists win, so unfortunately that means my blog is busted until I have time to move everything over to another photo-hosting service.

The few photos that are still working are hosted on Flickr, so hopefully they will be a good alternative. If you have other suggestions, send them my way! I’m not opposed to paying a fee, but I won’t be giving Photobucket a dime.

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